NOTE: Committee Chairs are listed below the descriptions at the bottom of this page.

Legislative Committee
- Members of this committee, along with the chairman, will lobby for legislation the MSPAA is sponsoring, keep in touch with legislators and other elected and appointed officials and testify at hearings for MSPAA, MSP and MSP employee groups. Generally keep the MSPAA Board of Governors informed on legislative and political actions.

By-Laws - The chairman of this committee keeps the official copy of the MSPAA bylaws, reviews them and brings suggested changes to the Board members for review.

Alumni License Plate - The chairman of this committee, along with his area representatives, issues MSPAA organizational license plates to regular and sworn members

Programs - The chairman of this committee schedules the various meeting locations for the MSPAA and coordinates with the management of the meeting sites with respect to cost, seating, meals, date and times.

Membership Committee
- Membership Chairman provides a list of eligible candidates for the Officers of the  of the Board of Directors. He also maintains the membership roster.

Web Page & FaceBook Administrator - This committee is responsible for the design and maintenance of the MSPAA WEB pages and MSPAA Facebook page.

Newsletter - The chairman of this committee develops the quarterly newsletter and coordinates with a printer for the timely printing and mailing.

MSPAA. Trooper of the Year - Chairman is responsible for gathering information regarding candidates for Trooper of the Year.  The committee will review all the information of the candidates and designate the Trooper of the Year. 

Nominations Committee -
The Chairman of the Membership committee is responsible for reviewing the status of  candidates for the Board of Directors to determine if they are members in good standing.  The Chairman will develop and present to the Board of Directors the names of the candidates for office before the January meeting in the year of an election. 

Legal Counsel - This position is
An Attorney, preferably a member of the MSPAA, will represent or give advise to the MSPAA in legal situations  Jim Hock is the present attorney.

Name Plate & Special Retirement Tag - This person, upon request, will procure a special retirement tag, suitable for mounting, and a special name badge. Contact this person for pricing and ordering.

Museum committee - The chairman of the Museum committee is responsible  for the management and upkeep of the museum, the Walk of Honor,  and the Fallen Heroes monument.   The Chairman is presently the President.

Sick & Memorial Committee - This committee keeps the membership informed on members of the MSPAA and MSP who are sick, distressed or deceased.

Committees Chairperson
Legislative Jack Howard
By-Laws Chuck Cave

Alumni License Plates

William LeFevre


William LeFevre
Membership Robert Smith
Web Page, Facebook & Notifications Jack Biggs
Newsletter Jack Biggs
MSPAA Trooper of the Year Bernie Spangler

Robert Smith

Legal Council James Hock
Name Plate & Special Retirement Tag Jerry Scarborough
Museum Open
Sick & Memorial Committee Rev. Elwood Ulmer 
Walk of Honor Ken Harry
Chaplain Emeritus Rev. Elwood Ulmer
Special Projects Bill Ebare
Fundraising Bernie Spangler