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           We Served With Honor, Dignity, Pride and Integrity

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We have received the tickets for the 2019 Road Dawg Rumble, and since we have received a bunch of inquiries about buying them, we thought we better put this out.  There are several ways to purchase your tickets: If you wish to buy your tickets by credit card, call either 410/703- 4986, or 410/703-8094.  You can then make your purchase and we will send you a receipt for your purchase.  

                    Critics of police talk the talk, but could/would they walk the walk?

  If you are a retired, active, or former MD State Trooper, or a spouse,
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  Thinking about a set of these great looking license plates?  Read below

Bill LeFevre is our contact for the MSPAA license plates.
The current fee, a onetime fee, is  $35.00 plus the normal cost
for license renewal if you are near renewal time.
Send Bill an email to reserve your tags by clicking on Bill

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The web page of the MSPAA Memorial Fund where donations can be made to support the renovation  of our museum is www.BWUnlimited.com