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 We Served With Honor, Dignity, Pride and Integrity
Memorial of those that have passed beyond our mortal sight.

Let us never forget our fellow Troopers who have passed on to a new assignment.
Let us remember them from the times we spent with them.
The good times and the bad times. The things that made us Troopers,
Death leaves a wound no one can heal.
We remember the Troopers who changed our lives, The men and woman who protected us day and night, People who respect for their dedication to the cause, For when faced with danger, they never even pause. We remember the Troopers who always stood true,
Whatever the color of uniform, brown gray or blue, With pride and integrity they say to serve and protect, For the giving of their life, we offer our respect. We remember the Troopers who we never really knew, Persons strong enough to answer the challenge are few, With heavy hearts we mourn the Troopers in eternal rest,
There's more to these people than the badge on their chest. - Author Unknown

Below you will find the names of our departed friends
and co-workers who passed beyond our mortal sight:

Sergeant L. C. "Bootsie" Stinnett 1-4-18
Sergeant Edward E. Johnson 1-23-18
D/Sergeant David Rooney 1-25-18
Sergeant Thomas "Josh" Wainwright 1-30-18
Trooper First Class Phillip L. Henry 2-12-18
D/Sgt. Wilbur L. Wells March 3, 2018

Lieutenant Milton Hart 3-3-18
Lieutenant Eugene F. Davis 3-4-18
Lieutenant Edwin Sonny" Shulz 3-9-18
Trooper First Class Earl M. Keefer 3/6/18
Trooper First Class George C.Wachter 3-18-18
Sergeant W. Lynn Mowberly 3-20-18
Corporal Curitis M .Dennis 4-19-18
Major Lawrence "Larry" Gibbs 5-25-18
Det. Sgt. U. Paul Utz, 5- 8-18
William "Bill" Killough 7-30-18
F/Sgt. Donald H. Tatterson, Jr. 7-31-18
Corporal Bernie Balog - 8/9/18
Trp. William Earle  -  8-22-18
Lt. George Snyder - 9/3/18
D/Sgt Donald H. Cox - 9/19/18
1/Sgt. Charles E. Dammann - 9/23/18
Cpl. Retired Paul  N. Strine, Jr.  -  10-19-18

Corporal Francis X. Bachmaier - 1-16-17
Captain Bernard ‘'Bernie” Haywood - 1-23-17
Sergeant Joseph R. “Joe” Peters - 1-31-17
Sergeant Dennis M Hooper - 2-16-17
First Sergeant Larry E. Wheeler - 2-27-17
Sergeant Steven D. Landbeck – 3-2-17
Sergeant Basil W. Coale - 3-3-17
lieutenant James P. Monaghan - 3-14-17
Sergeant Steven D. Landbeck – 3-2-17
Sergeant George W. Taylor – 4-27-17
Trooper First Class Donald A. Newcomer – 4-29-17
Sergeant E. Walter Mills – 5-7-17
Captain Edgar L. Peach – 5-9-17
Lieutenant Larry L. Morris – 5-11-17
Sergeant George E. Taylor – 5-19-17
Lieutenant Robert H. McCleaf 6-30-2017
Lieutenant Louis "Roy" Norbeck 7-28, 2017
Captain Paul Twgg - 7-30-17
1st Sergeant. Donald E. Hoffman - 731.17
1st. Sergeantt. A. Lee Fitzgerald - 8-1-17
Sergeant Frederick G. Morton - 8-21-17
Lieutenant James H. Plunkert - 9-14--17
Corporal Albert Shanahan - 9-15-17
Sergeant Theodore "Ted" Polinsky - 9-17-17
Sergeant Emerson M. Hoopes - 9-20-17
Lieutenant Robert Weisinmiller - 10-23-17
Lt. Colonel William T. Gerwig - 10-24-17
Richard Zabor - 11-5-17
TFC Carl R. Valentine - 11-6-17
Major John R. Kaiser - 11-9-17
TFC Robert Rikard - 11-26-17
Lieutenant Lester A. Nave - 12-5-17
Sgt. Mechanic Edgar W. Wolfkill 12-10-17
Trooper Lee Fuller 12-18-17
Frederick G. North 12 23-17
1st Sergeant M. Kirk Daugherty - 12-26-17

Major Dominick A. Balsoma – 1-15-16
Trooper First Class Albert R. Radtke – 1-26-16
Sergeant Joseph D. Collins – 3-10-16
Trooper First Class – Louis Dick 3-12-16
Associate Member John L. Shriver – 3-18-16
Captain Robert W. Johnson – 3-27-16
Detective Sergeant Robert Estes – 4-2-16
Sergeant Gordon Smith - 4-8-16
Trooper First Class Ronald C. George - 4-26-16
Founding member Louis H. Duran 4-30-16
Corporal Fred A. Settle – 5-1-16
Sergeant Mechanic Jerald A. Fender – 5-25-16
Major Carl R. Harbaugh – 6-3-16
Lieutenant Bernard J. Chabot 6-9-16
Captain Roger R. Meeks – 6-11-16
Captain Guy E. Guyton, Jr. – 6-16-16
Detective Sergeant John R. Dodd – 6-21-16
Sergeant Charles Kaiser - 7-7-16
Lieutenant Joseph P. Burkhardt - 7-21-16
Tfc William Mccarthy - 8-12-16
1st. Sergeant Darl Hershberger - 8-22-16
Lieutenant Ray Grissett - 9-15-16
Cpl. Walter L. "John" Currence 11-28-16
Associate Member John T. Ile No Date Of Death

Lt. Col. George Davidson - 7-29-81

We remember them well and miss them all.

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